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Welcome to Brugertjenesten.dk

Brugertjenesten is an online service available to you as a researcher when buying new scientific equipment for research and educational purposes and when you need information about for instance prices to be used for applications.

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation has up until 29 February 2012 been behind Brugertjenesten, and the work performed by Bech-Bruun Law Firm and medico-technical departments was up until that date free of charge. This is no longer the case but you are still able to use Brugertjenesten thereby ensuring that you as a researcher is guaranteed the highest expertise when buying scientific equipment.

Over the course of the three years where the service was free of charge Brugertjenesten helped researchers at the universities with approximately 100 purchases of scientific equipment. As a consequence, Bech-Bruun has vast experience in helping contracting authorities with purchases under the procurement rules, including knowlegde and hands-on experience with the special challenges that purchases with a research purpose raise.

Brugertjenesten is your guarantee that the procurement rules and other relevant legislation are complied with when you buy scientific equipment.