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Who may use Brugertjenesten?
How to use Brugertjenesten
Who is behind Brugertjenesten?
Duty of public procurement
or exposure to competition
Customs clearance and duty exemption
Agreements on funds transfers
Tender procedures completed
Tender procedures in progress

How to use Brugertjenesten

You can contact Brugertjenesten by email, telephone or letter if you wish to buy goods or services or if you want us to obtain prices for a purchase. Click here for contact information.

Before you buy
Start by describing your needs or the products you are interested in. We will then put together a team of experts to advise you on the legal, commercial and technical aspects of your purchase.

We will contact you for further arrangement and, if necessary, we will set up a meeting. First, we will narrow down what you want to buy, including the purpose of the purchase and your technical requirements. Then we will agree on the criteria you find important when choosing a supplier.

Selection of supplier
When the framework has been laid down, we will be in charge of the procurement itself, which may be completed as an EU public procurement procedure or as an advertisement according to the rules of the Danish Tender Act (tilbudsloven). We will prepare all documents and naturally keep you informed of the progress and let you be part of the evaluation process.

When the tenders have been received and a supplier identified, we will inform you and, subsequently, a contract may be concluded with the supplier.

Conclusion of contract
We will help you draft the contract and also advise you in any negotiations. We will also be happy to assist you if questions arise as to the payment of duties or agreements on funds transfers.

If, at a later stage, questions arise as to the construction of the contract or problems occur in respect of delay or non-conforming delivery, you are welcome to turn to us for help.

Upon delivery
Brugertjenesten may help you in the event of any subsequent disputes with the supplier or any conduction of cases before the Complaints Board for Public Procurement or the courts in respect of complaints filed by tenderers not being granted the contract or others.

However, Brugertjenesten guarantees that no complaints against our advisory services or the tender procedures completed by us are justified. When using Brugertjenesten you are guaranteed compliance with the procurement rules and other relevant legislation.